Handi Quilter




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50 Styles of Quilting with Helen Godden (2 DVD set)


Add, Alter, Delete and Change - Quilter's Academy by Sue Patten


Beyond the Lines Book


Echo Feet Kit


Glide Foot #1


Half Circle Ruler Set


Handi Batting Scissors


Handi Feet Couching Kit


Handi Grip


Handi Versa Tool


Hold Tight Clamps (small) for HQ Little Foot Frame


Horizontal Spool Pin & Clamp


HQ Arc A Templates


HQ Channel Lock (2)


HQ Handi Fan


HQ Handi Light LED


HQ Line Grid Ruler 6" x1/2"


HQ Mini Oval Ruler


HQ Mini Ruler 2" x6"


HQ Mini Scallop Ruler 8" x3"


HQ Mini Scissors


HQ Multi Clamshells


HQ Oval C Ruler 8" & 12"


HQ Oval Ruler D 4" & 10"


HQ Pole Cradles


HQ Ring Ruler Set - Gold


HQ Ring Set - Silver


HQ Skinny Ruler 2" x10"


HQ Slice Template 2 1/4"


HQ Straight Edge Ruler 3" x 12"


HQ Super Quilt Clamp (small)


HQ Swiss Cheese Ruler


HQ Wave Ruler E 3" & 6"


Longarm Basics: Using Rulers and Templates - Quilter's Academy


Longarm Basics: Trapunto - Quilter's Academy


Longarm Quilting Pins


Longarm Techniques: #5 Quilting Applique and Patchwork w/ Guidelines and Templates


Longarm Techniques: #7 Pantographs and Groovy Boards DVD


Oval Ruler A 4", 8" & 12"


Oval Ruler B 6" & 10"


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